des vacances reposantes pour les amoureux de la nature
CAMP VIRA is located in a quiet cove just 4 km from the beautiful town and 20 km from the ferry dock.
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Avec son camp quatre étoiles offre à ses hôtes toutes les conditions pour un séjour agréable et inoubliable.
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Une multitude de possibilités est à portée de clic.

Beau cadre naturel avec une vue imprenable sur la mer!

Découvrez une nature vierge dans le confort de votre camping-car!

Plongez-vous dans des moments de verdure luxuriante de la mer.


Tarifs Camping Saison 2022

Informations générales

Camp Vira
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Pet policy

* Sunčani Hvar Hotels is pleased to accommodate guests travelling with dogs in our Camp mobile homes and pitches subject to the following conditions:

* Only dogs are allowed at camp with restriction of some specific breeds ( American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Rottweiler, American Bulldog , Doberman )

* No other animals as pets are permitted

  • Dogs weighing less than 8 kg ( 17.5 pounds ) are welcome in our mobile homes
  • Dogs weighing less than 25 kg (50 pounds) are welcome on our pitches
  • Advance notification is required when a booking is made
  • Additional cleaning or repair charges may be incurred due to pet stains and/or damage.
  • Owner must be present and the pet must be restrained while any member of the hotel staff is servicing or entering  the mobile home.
  • The owner of the pet accepts full responsibility for any liability arising from the pet’s behavior  which includes hotel property damage or personal injury to hotel guests or 3rd party on property
  • Pets are not allowed to be unattended in the room at any time
  • Sunčani Hvar Hotels is not liable for any injury suffered by the pets while on hotel premises
  • Pets must always be kept on a leash when outside the guestroom.
  • Guestroom will be inspected after departure and subject to late charges for any damages caused by the pet
  • Passage through the public areas must be kept to an absolute minimum in order not to inconvenience other hotel guests
  • Pets will not be allowed in any hotel food and beverage outlets at any time without exception
  • Pets will not be allowed neither in hotel wellness and fitness areas, nor at swimming pool or hotel beach areas
  • Daily pet fees are stated as follows:

Mobile homes  – 20.00 EUR with 50.00 Euro one time non refundable cleaning deposit

Camp pitches – 15.00 EUR with no  cleaning deposit